Acts of Service

Pancake Breakfast – The Post Youth Center

Friday, March 8th & Saturday, March 9th

The Post is celebrating 20 years of serving delicious pancakes! To do so, they need your help.

Set up help is needed on Friday, March 8th. Volunteers will help take furniture from common area to the weight room, sweep and mop the common area, sweep and mop gym, ensure bathrooms are cleaned and stocked with supplies.

On Saturday, March 9th between 7:30 and 11:30, volunteers are needed to assist during the breakfast tasks to clean tables as guests leave, put new placemats down, refill syrup – as needed, offer more pancakes to guests

From 11:30-1pm (could be done earlier if enough people help) help is needed to tear down tables and chairs and load them in trucks, sweep and mop gym, move furniture back to the common area and take out trash.

To volunteer, please contact MyKalya Hurtekant by calling 574.534.7678 or by email.

Email MyKalya


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