Acts of Service


More than ever before, our Board is very involved and committed to helping AWL be the very best that it can be. We continue to build upon the platforms that were so carefully laid out in the past.

• The best care for the animals until they are reunited with their owners or their forever home is found
• A high adoption rate for homeless animals
• An excellent record of reuniting lost pets and with their owners
• A robust volunteer and foster program
• Consistent updating to most current standards of our methods and procedures
• Continuing education for our staff and volunteers

Proudly, our shelter has one of the highest adoption rates in the United States for a shelter of our size and we have continually reduced our number of euthanized animals.

It is so nice to walk into our clean, state of the art shelter knowing our animals are happier and healthier.

With the due date of our final payment of $800,000.00 of the $2,500,000.00 approaching, we are working harder than ever to raise those funds.

We would be very grateful for your donation to help us get to our final goal: no balance due on our sturdy, warm and welcoming place for pets, students, seniors and our community to share.

Please let me know if you need additional information from us. In the event you are unaware, I have attached a list of our current list of our board of directors. You will have helped an amazing organization in far more ways than you can imagine.

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