Acts of Service

Pay It Forward

We are changing the world, “one student at a time”. We teach students about the concept of paying it forward with kindness without expectation of return. Our kids Pay It Forward clubs consist of students from all over Michiana and all walks of life. We take the students out in the community to do random acts of kindness as well as hold organized events that help the community. Through various activities, we have raised over 10 TONS of food for local pantries, paid off all outstanding lunch debt for Elkhart students, donated over 2000 personal care items and more. We teach kids to fight bullying with kindness and have had many students tell us how they “finally feel like they fit in” when they join our club and find others like them that enjoy being kind and encouraging others to do the same. Maybe we’re not changing the entire world but we ARE changing the world of some kids and those kids are changing the world of someone else……a ripple effect of kindness…paying it forward.

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