Acts of Service

Elkhart Arts Alliance

Our Mission:

To help Elkhart County artists and musicians to become more vibrant, viable, visible and vested in the public realm, by coalescing Elkhart County art and music interests.

Building upon the success of Arts on Main’s art and music focused programs (which form the initial basis of an expanding operation), The Elkhart County Arts Alliance, Inc. will help Elkhart County artists and musicians to become more:

VIBRANT: increasing the frequency and breadth of art and music events in the public realm, through programming and education.
VIABLE: offering artists and musicians more income opportunities from works sold, from teaching and performance fees; also offering guidance in promoting and marketing their work.
VISIBLE: raising the profile of the arts through a wide variety of traditional and social media outlets; communicating that the presence of multiple arts disciplines, arts commerce and instruction, are essential to expanding Quality of Life amenities for Elkhart County.
VESTED: coalescing art and music organizations from among private groups, artist guilds, institutions, non-profits and other organizations to foster greater cooperation, better communication and to identify and elevate creative expression in the local marketplace.

Upcoming Opportunities

Coming Soon…

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