Acts of Service

Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition, Inc.

The Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition, (ECFCC) Inc. was founded and incorporated in the state of Indiana in March 2009. The ECFCC helps outdoor,
free-roaming “community cats” live a healthy and enriched life through our 5 main programs:

TNR – Trap, Neuter, Return, in order to reduce the feline population through spaying and neutering.
“4 Paws 4 Walls” Program – our shelter program’s goal is that every cat has a clean, warm dry place to sleep.
Medicat – Our medical program helps treat outdoor injured and ill cats.
Colony Management – is for monitoring the outdoor colony cats to ensure they enjoy a good quality of life.
“4 Paws Pantry” Program – we offer food assistance as needed for colony cats and companion animals to help caretakers and pet owners feed them on a daily basis.

Upcoming Opportunities

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