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Education in America is battered with the fact that 7,000 students drop out of school every school day based on the Department of Education’s own figures. Condoleezza Rice says we are in the middle of creating a two-class society: the educated and uneducated.

FSL is on a mission to change the face of education. Research shows that at the core of each person’s success or failure is a mindset. Research also shows that students drop out because they do not value education and ultimately do not value themselves. FSL attacks this root issue by infusing our proprietary curriculum that teaches students how to develop successful mindsets which is the beginning of their transformation.

The FSL Impact
• 10,000 students served annually
• 70% of students raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 GPA or above
• 80% decrease in discipline referrals
• Increased graduation rates

The FSL Programs:

FSL Afterschool Program: Our Core Values are instilled into each session week after week, challenging students to take the lessons they learn and use them in real life. This causes a shift in mindsets for students and a culture change in

School-wide FSL Video Curriculum : Engaging every student by teaching mindsets that transform them from the inside out. This program is character education, social-emotional learning, climate building, and peer mentoring, all wrapped into one teacher-friendly package.

Teacher Training: Dynamic, professional development training provided for teachers and administrators.

Summit Life Leadership Days and Camps at Summit, FSL’s 300-acre training facility: Giving students a chance to practice what they have learned throughout the year in a powerful and experiential way that extends beyond the school building at Summit.

FSL Basketball: Offering training and competitive travel tournaments for students. While the skills we develop might be impressive and give us notoriety, it’s crucial for students to realize that they are more than the sports
they play. A positive mindset is the only way they will truly succeed on and off the court!

Upcoming Opportunities

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