Acts of Service

Junior Achievement serving St. Joseph County

Help local students learn the importance of financial literacy, job readiness and entrepreneurship by volunteering for Junior Achievement (JA).

Volunteers from the community enter the classrooms once a week for 45 minutes for 5-7 weeks and teach materials that are provided by JA free of charge. All volunteers will be trained by JA and you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have with the students.

Each session has about 10-15 minutes of instruction followed by a game or activity that reinforces what the students just learned.

Other opportunities include JA In A Day sessions where volunteers go into the classrooms for a one day experience and teach all 5 sessions of the curriculum. There are openings at Lincoln Primary Academy for May 22nd from 8am until 1:30pm. Volunteers must attend a training session for an hour, one to two weeks prior to the event.

Upcoming Opportunities

Coming Soon…

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