Acts of Service

Lakeland Youth Center

Lakeland Youth Center’s goal is to teach and prepare children to lead successful academic, social, and healthy lives. LYC offers a highly regarded Preschool, Sports Programs, and Family and Community Development events.
* Our Preschool is staff is qualified and passionate about children and their futures. Students receive a rich, well rounded curriculum through hands-on learning centers, activities, and positive social interactions.
* LYC’s Sports programs strive to develop and promote physical health, teamwork, self-esteem, and leadership skills. We offer soccer, football, basketball, and golf and tennis camps. The programs benefit children of ages 5 through 14 and from all socio and economic backgrounds.
* Family and Community Development events provide family recreational and cultural activities to strengthen family bonds and cultivate self-respect and self-esteem among the youth.

LYC requires background checks for all youth mentors. THANK YOU!

Upcoming Opportunities

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