Acts of Service

Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition

NIHHC’s mission is to provide preventative health care programs to the community through education, advocacy, physician referral, research, and the building of leadership among Hispanics, so that they may lead healthier lifestyles. In collaboration with numerous local agencies, foundations, schools, and volunteers, the NIHHC provides a variety of beneficial services, including: -Health care intervention programs -Health fairs providing free health screenings (e.g. lipid panel, cholesterol, glucose, clinical breast exams, kidney, vision, among others) -Referrals to physicians and health care facilities that are attuned to the Hispanic community’s needs -Advocacy for language interpretation and health insurance needs -Promoting community involvement by offering volunteer opportunities and leadership building skills -Cultural competency seminars for local agencies and schools in an effort to promote a more culturally friendly atmosphere for the community.

Upcoming Opportunities

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