Acts of Service

The Salvation Army – Goshen

The Salvation Army is an international, faith-based organization that shares the effectiveness of its beliefs through meeting needs without discrimination.

The Salvation Army in southern Elkhart County is able to help with tangible needs in the townships of Olive, Harrison, Elkhart, Clinton, Locke, Union, Jackson, Benton and Jefferson. We help Concord residents within the city limits of Goshen. We endeavor to meet intangible needs whenever or wherever the opportunity is present.

The following areas of most notable assistance are (Yet not limited to):
Food Assistance, Utility Assistance, Prescription Medication Assistance, Aid with facilitating assistance for clients through other agencies; Pastoral care, Senior food and programming to all willing to attend; Assistance for Emerging Workers through United Way funds; Youth Programming, Summer Camp programming and transportation for school-age youth, and other occasional needs too many and varied for the sake of brevity.

Upcoming Opportunities

Coming Soon…

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