Acts of Service

Sound the Alarm Fire Alarm Installation

Sound the Alarm is a national campaign for the American Red Cross to install over 100 thousand fire alarms across the country over a two week period. South Bend, Indiana is one of three cities chosen to install one thousand fire alarms and we need people to assist in education and documentation of the installs. We work with local fire departments to do the installs and provide fire safety education in high risk neighborhoods. The dates for Sound the Alarm are April 29th and May 6th from 11 am to 4 pm. The first hour is when we provide training and some snacks for volunteers. Water and additional snacks will be offered throughout the day.

We ask that the team leader be registered on our Volunteer Connections ( so that we can have a list of participants to offer our fire chiefs for team planning and so that if rescheduling needs to happen, they can distribute that information to their teams quickly.

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