Acts of Service

The Great Cardboard Boat Race; August 24 (Race Day) The Midwest's Largest Cardboard Boat Race

We are looking for able bodied volunteers, landlubbers and water launch crews for August 23rd and 24th. Please contact me to set schedule a volunteer shift. We have opportunities both days after 3:00 pm. This opportunity is physical and outdoors, sometimes in the hot sun. Volunteer opportunities include the following efforts: Set Up, Boat Check-in and Pit Row, Registration, Runners, Boat Launch, Boat Removal, and Tear Down/Clean-up. For over five years companies across Elkhart County have answered the call of the open sea. With little or no experience, they have built seaworthy crafts. Some crews won. Some crews sunk. Everyone had a great time. We need your help to launch this years race with style. We have big plans ahead to help working families in Elkhart County. Help us show the difference our community can make when we come together. Make a difference and LIVE UNITED.

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