Acts of Service


Each Sunday, we trap free-roaming cats. Because of the time needed to train for trapping cats, this volunteer opportunity is not a one-time commitment, rather, something you would want to do again. Some of our trappers trap every week, some only ever other and some only once a month. Trapping is something you'll love or hate; the excitement of the trap going off and knowing you've got the cat is very exciting. It's a little physically demanding as you'll be picking up and carrying traps with cats; loading them in the car and unloading them, etc. The reward is knowing you've prevented hundreds, if not thousands of births of homeless kittens. It's not for everyone, but if you don't mind being out in the weather a bit (we usually hide in our cars, or garages, barns, etc.), and can carry approximately 15-20 lbs, this is a great way to help us help our community cats.

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